Earth Day Design

This year’s Design Contest winner is Abhinav Thukral. Abhinav is a masters of human and computer interaction major. When asked about his interest in Earth Day Abhinav said, "I think it's incredibly important to be aware about how our activities impact the planet and learn about sustainable ways to progress as a community. Earth Day is essential to reflect on some of the environmental issues we face today and how we might work together to address them. "


Earth Day 2005-2020 Designs

Past Design Contest Winners
1st row: Connor Booth (2001)
2nd row: Esther Shin (2017), Kitan Parekh (2018), Rita Young (2019), Mariam Marzouk (2020)
3rd row: Jalpa Shah (2007), Crystal Collett (2005), Nicole Wiesner (2012), and Ava Bilimoria (2014)
4th row: Robert Poppell (2008), Lorenzo Tolentino (2015), Siqi Han (2013), and Blake Williford (2009)
5th row: Tiffany Chau (2016), Will Folsom (2011), Tanyoung Kim (2010), and Leroy Campbell (2006)