Georgia Tech’s Earth Day Festival is one of the largest in the southeast. It takes the combined efforts of more than 200 volunteers to make the event a success. There are several different activities to choose from. No prior experience is required. The minimum commitment is one hour and all volunteers receive a free Earth Day T-shirt.

Volunteer at Georgia Tech's 21st annual Earth Day Festival on Friday, April 20, 2018 at Tech Walk!

Volunteer Check-in

Volunteer Activities

Activity Description
Booth Assistant Assist exhibitors as they arrive and set up. Help exhibitors carry display items to their assigned tables.
Booth Contest Encourage festival attendees to cast their vote in the People's Choice Booth Contest.
Clothing Swap Help out at the clothing swap with folding and hanging clothes.
Deconstructed Maze Festival attendees will be collecting stamps in their "Earth Day Passport" so they can get a free T-shirt. You will be stamping people's passports after they sign the Earth Day banner.
Information Booth Answer questions and give visitors information to find their way around the Earth Day Festival. You will have the resources you need such as a map and a list of events, locations and times.
Mascot Assistant Help our mascots (such as Captain Planet) with the things they need during the event, such as getting water and lunch.
No Preference At the Earth Day Festival, there are always activities that need extra volunteers. If you are willing to help out wherever you are needed most, choose the "No Preference" option.
Office Supply Exchange Anyone with a BuzzCard is welcome to come into the office supply exchange area and take as many office supplies as they would like, for free. You will help set up the available office supplies neatly on the tables and check to make sure people who come in have their BuzzCard.
Popcorn Make popcorn (instructions will be provided) and give out free organic popcorn to Earth Day participants.
Shoot the Shoes "Shoot the Shoes" is a fun way to recycle old athletic shoes. People donate their shoes and can shoot them through a basketball hoop that will be set up at the event. Volunteers will assist people who are donating shoes, cheer them on as they "shoot the shoes", and keep a count of the donated shoes.
Sustainable World Wall The Sustainable World Wall is a 21 foot long, 7 foot high exhibit with a banner that reads “The world would be more sustainable if ...”  Encourage participants as the write their ideas on the banner.
T-Shirt Distribution Give out free T-shirts to people who have collected all four stamps in the Earth Day Deconstructed Maze.

For additional information, please contact: 
Maria Linderoth
Georgia Tech Earth Day Volunteer Coordinator
(404) 385-0088