2011 Environmental Awards


ELA Winner

Environmental Leadership Award

The Environmental Leadership Award (ELA) celebrates an individual or group that has had a significant environmental impact via a long-term commitment, resulting in a body of exemplary work. The 2011 ELA recipient is Todd Schram. Mr. Schram is the General Manager of Georgia Tech Dining Services. Under his leadership, GT Dining has made environmental sustainability central to its day-to-day operations and to the development of future programs, services and facilities.

GT Dining is striving for zero-waste in all of its facilities. A highly successful food waste composting program was implemented in June 2009, and polystyrene foam cups were eliminated from the dining halls in the fall of 2009. Water usage has been significantly reduced through the installation of low-flow faucet heads in all campus kitchens and by replacing two of the most heavily used dishwashing units with more efficient machines. Currently, 40% of all produce purchased is locally grown. Moving forward, Dining Services has a goal to reduce its carbon footprint by 26% and is pursuing LEED Gold certification for two new dining locations opening in fall 2011. There is an environmental consciousness to all aspects of decision making within GT Dining, from food to energy, water, and waste.

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EIA Winner

Environmental Initiative Award

The Environmental Initiative Award (EIA) is designed to celebrate a particular project by an individual or group that has had a significant environmental impact within the past year, whether on campus or out in the community at large. The 2011 EIA recipient is Georgia Tech's Bicycle Infrastructure Improvement Committee (BIIC). In March 2011, the BIIC secured funding from the Student Government Association to improve the bicycle infrastructure on campus. In the coming months, bike racks will be installed at the ES&T building, the Instructional Center, and the Management building. Designated bike lanes will also be added to Hemphill Avenue and the entire length of Ferst Drive.

The BIIC hopes that by improving the infrastructure for bicylcles on campus, members of the GT community will be encouraged to utilize bicycles more often, rather than automobiles, to commute to and around campus. Fewer cars lead to fewer emissions and a healthier environment, both on campus and in the greater Atlanta community.


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