Electronics (E-Waste) Recycling

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How: Recycle your old computers and electronics! Recycling E-waste conserves landfill space and prevents toxins from being released into the environment. Collected items will be utilized for recovery and reuse of valuable materials. Please remove all cabling from your devices and place them in a bag.

Who: Open to the public

When: Friday, April 21, 2017 (10am-3pm)

Where: Location TBA

Items That Will Be Accepted

* GT faculty and staff please note: Only personal E-waste will be accepted. No Georgia Tech departmental or unit property. See chapter 15 of the Georgia Surplus Property Manual for instructions on disposing state electronic property.


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Accepted at No Charge:
Laptops Keyboards
Floppy/Disk Drives Mice
Printers Microwaves
UPS Batteries PC Monitors
CD-Roms Modems
Fax Machines Test Equipment
Circuit Boards Networking Equipment
Phones Cell Phones
PC Power Supplies Scanners
Copiers Cabling
Typewriters Stereos/VCR/CD Players
Accepted for a fee:
TVs - $20
CRT monitors - $10
Hard drive shredding - $5
NOT Accepted:
Console/Projection TVs Toaster Ovens
Washers Ovens
Mixers/Blenders Battery Powered Tools
Tires Gas Powered Tools
Freezers Household Trash
Humidifiers Refrigerators
Dehumidifiers Vacuum Cleaners
Washer/Dryers Car Batteries

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Georgia Tech's Earth Day Festival
Friday, April 21, 2017
(10am - 3pm)